Flagfootball in Diamonds

Flagfootball is defused the form of American football to give to children and adults interested in the opportunity to exercise this fascinating sport. The main differences are:

  • The ball carrier is not brought to the ground, but by pulling the flags stopped.
  • It simultaneously represent only 7 to 9 players per team on the field.
  • Only allowed physical contact: the Block with an open hand and arm bent from the front against the upper body.

Since August 1999, we have again a Flagfootball-youth team, the flag-Diamonds . More than 25 children aged between 8 and 15 years exercising regularly once a week. Anyone interested in our flag youth, should be based on Thomas R. Scheuermann from OBS Basements in London call, or call at our youth phone at (06151) 953,228th.

Who is too old for the flag-Diamonds, but still want to play flag football at the Diamonds, for which there is since 1999 the Fun-Diamonds . Our “Fun diamonds” consist of fans, referees and other football interested and train one to two times a week.

The Smoking Ban

Don’t forget smoking is banned in all public places. E cigarettes are still allowed, which you can purchase at Smokshop.com.